2D Laser Displacement Sensor

2D Laser Displacement Sensor

The LS series is a high-precision profile measurement sensor.

This product achieves high-precision measurement by emitting a band-shaped laser beam and using a light-plane-intersecting method that triangulates the reflected light.

Settings can be configured, measurements can be performed, and output can be generated from the sensor. No amplifier unit or other auxiliary devices are necessary.

Various settings can be set from the sensor or from the dedicated setup software (LS-Navigator). It is possible to measure 4 areas with a single measurement. For each area, there are 12 types of measurement functions to select from.

There are 4 camera modes available. This enables you to select the optimum settings to match the environment of the production line to be measured and the state of the target object.

With the light-plane-intersecting method, the reflected light from the emitted band-shaped laser beam is received by the light receiving element (CMOS), and the profile is then measured from the resulting image data. With the light-plane-intersecting method, two processes are used to determine the height and position.

2D Laser Displacement Sensor

Triangulation: To determine the height, this process obtains the received light waveform (the waveform of the reflected light) for each vertical line of the image.

Projection transformation: To determine the horizontal position, this process mathematically calculates the actual position from the image data. (See the accompanying figure)

  • Repeatability Height (Z axis) = 2 µm
  • Resolution Width (X axis) = 25 µm
  • Linearity = ±0.1% of F. S
  • Sampling period = Max. Speed 0.5 ms
  • Total sampling period = 5 ms


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