Tilt and Inertial Sensors

Precision Servo Motor System

The determination of the angle of inclination is based on the measurements of conductivity over plane electrode structures.

On the bottom of the cell, partly filled with a conductive fluid, electrodes are applied parallel to the axes.

An electrical strayfield is formed out by appying an AC-voltage to the planar electrode structures. By tilting the sensor, the fluid level over the different electrodes and in consequence the conductivity, respectively the strayfield changes.

This product range includes:

Tilt meters from AOSI, USA

Tilt Meter

  • EZ-TILT-6000 – 90
  • EZ-TILT-6000-10 / EZ-TILT-6000-15 / EZ-TILT-6000-30 /
  • EZ-TILT-6000-70, DIGITAL Linear Dual/Single Axis Tilt Systems
  • EZ-TILT-3000-045 Dual Axis (DX) Wide Angle Conversion Module
  • EZ-TILT-5000-10 / EZ-TILT-5000-15 / EZ-TILT-5000-30 /
  • Linear Dual Axis Tilt Systems
  • EZ-TILT-5000-HG
  • ANALOG SOLID STATE Single/Dual axis Tilt Systems


Tilt Sensor

  • DX-008/DX-045 Dual Axis TILT Sensor
  • SX-070D-LIN / SX-030D-LIN / SX-015D-LIN Linear TILT Sensors
  • SX-003D-NULL Ultra High Resolution Nulling Sensor
  • SX-003D-NULL-L Extended Range Ultra High Resolution Nulling Sensor
  • SX-005D-VIB / SX-015D-VIB LINEAR TILT Sensors
  • SX-010D-LIN Linear High Resolution Miniature Sensor
  • SX-060D-LIN Linear Wide Range Miniature Sensor
  • Miniature Single Axis Inclination Sensor SX-C29

EZ Detect

EZ Detect

  • EZ-ALARM Omni-directional Anti-Lift module
  • EZ-DETECT Omni-directional
  • Angular threshold detection module
  • Detection module
  • Multi Directional 6 position TILT Switch


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