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Conventional Motors
Bell Type Armature Motors
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Brushless Servo Motors
Six Pole Type brushless motors.
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Stepper Motors
Stepper motors & drives.
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The determination of the angle of inclination is based on the measurements of conductivity over plane electrode structures.

On the bottom of the cell, partly filled with a conductive fluid, electrodes are applied parallel to the axes.

An electrical strayfield is formed out by appying an AC-voltage to the planar electrode structures. By tilting the sensor the fluid level over the different electrodes and in consequence the conductivity, respectively the strayfield changes.
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Incremental encoders can only determine positions in relation to a reference position. In the case of absolute rotary encoders, on the other hand, the position is encoded on a non-volatile grating.

In this way, the position is available as a binary value as soon as the system is switched on, making down movements unnecessary.

The advantages over contactless optoelectronic sensing and consistent digital detection and processing of measured values.
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MACS4-DSP 1-, 2- and 3-Axis Compact Control Unit
MACS4-60-20 OEM 1-Axis Compact Control Unit

MACS4-DC3 2-/3-Axis Compact Control Unit incl. Servo-Amplifiers

MACS4-DC6 6-Axis Compact Control UnitI including Servo-Amplifiers
MACS Product Overview
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 For Electronic Systems
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 For Rooms & Enclosures Systems
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 Test Equipments from EMCTD
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